GEORACING is the perfect sports tracking system to follow live and online your outdoor sport event. Equipped
with GPS trackers, participants can be geolocalized at anytime on an interactive 2D Map in order to assure
their safety, to manage the race and also to communicate to spectators information such as ranking,
distance gaps, speed, wind direction, heading, timing at marks, distance to finish…

Interactive demo


Visibility & Sponsors

Reserved spaces to display sponsor’s logo
into the cartography in order to guarantee the best
visibility throughout your event.


Interactivity & Ergonomy

Responsive interactive interface
perfect to be embeded to your internet
website on PCs, tablets and smartphones.


Have a better understanding of the live progress
of the race and improve the interest
of the public during the event.


Logistics & Safety

Geolocation of participants in real-time
in order to optimize and manage at its best
your safety plan on site.


Modularization et customization

Many options available. You just need to choose your background (map or satellite) and customize your own settings (speed, distance, participant’s name, flag…).

Race management

Be able to export a customized and printable PDF from race results at the end of the races. Replay may be used in the event of participants protest to confirm a jury decision.

Performance analysis

Display statistics : ranking, speed, timing, heading, distance to finish, advantage line, participant information… It will allow you to analyse your performance statistically.


Broadcast your GPS Tracking online (PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones) via our GEORACING App for Android and IOS.

Multi Sports

A wide solution for any sport. Sailing, cycling, powerboat, rowing, jet ski, motorsport, airsports, biathlon, cross-country ski, etc…


If you don’t have your GPS trackers If you have your GPS trackers
No worries! We have at your service the best GPS trackers on the market. Wherever you need to use them, either on deserts, urbanized areas, at sea or for TV purposes, we have a wide range of GPS trackers adapted to whatever you and your event need. Do not hesitate to contact us. In the case you have your GPS trackers, we offer you the possibility to connect them to our platform in order to allow you to enjoy our digital tool specially developped for sports events. Most of professional trackers available on the market are compatible with GEORACING. Then, do not hesitate to contact us.



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