Enrich your sport event content with our professional 3D video, real-time broadcast on TV or online.
Specially developped to allow spectators to better understand the progress of races, our tools offer the possibility
to display participants comparison such as distance, wind direction, speed, altitude, heading, ranking,
virtual lines, to simulate virtual gaps for time trial races, to provide virtual timing…





Improve the quality of your broadcast and allow
commentators to tell a story out of the event
in an attractive and outstanding way.


High quality and realistic 3D modelling
of participants and environment designed
by our team of experts.



Media Coverage

Enable live web streaming of your event
when there is no TV broadcast which guarantees
great visibility to your sponsors and partners.


See information that you could not see,
without 3D graphics and create
excitement around the event.


Professional solution

This solution produces a HD-SDI signal with Fill and Key. Flight-case portable system for more simplicity and modularibility.

Real-time tracking

The use of latest generations of 3G GPS and/or radio frequency in order to allow high quality live data.

Control interface

A pilot software to control virtual cameras in order to display different modes of view as well as to select a wide range of live information on TV.

Virtual information

Display a wide range of sport information such as ranking, speed, timing, heading, distance to finish, advantage line, competitor information to help the spectators to understand the progress of the event.


Stream online your event in 3D from our Paris-based studio or broadcast it live with us on site.

Multi Sports

A very flexible solution to any sort of sport. Sailing, cycling, powerboat, rowing, jet ski, motorsport, airsport, biathlon, cross-country ski, etc…


I had asked GEORACING to develop this feature for the 2013 race, as they had great experience from sailing events. They succeeded in meeting the challenge for Canal + and I must admit the results far surpassed our expectations.

François-Charles Bideaux

Sports Productions Director - CANAL+

The Virtual Timing of GEORACING was a great advantage in painting a full picture of the Rallye France-Alscace Race. At any given moment, we had a complete table showing the virtual gaps between the cars as well as a 3D picture.

Pascal Mathieu

Head of the Live Broadcast - CANAL+



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