GPS tracking system

How does the GPS tracking system work?

Today, our GPS technologies allows following outdoor races in live, at sea, on land and in the air, proposing the virtual visualization, the timing and the ranking in real time and many others statistics. It’s clearly the best way to understand what is happening during an event when the spectators can’t follow the races because it’s too far away or the visibility it’s not good enough.

It’s very easy! You must get a car, a plane, a boat or anything else equipped with one of our GPS trackers and we will do all the rest. We have different kind of trackers for various usages (TV production, WebTV, digital) and depending on the location of the event (offshore or inshore races, desert, city, in the air etc.) and the network (GPRS, Satellite or Radio Frequency) used in order to send the positions of the competitors.

All data collected by the trackers are sent by satellite, GPRS (phone network) or Radio Frequency to our GeoRacing Cloud platform, where the data are cleaned and where our engine calculate all the statistics (speed, distances between competitors, timing, ranking, heading etc.) which will be displayed during the live on TV, on Web or on the apps. Our Cloud platform is also able to make predictions when the quality of the data is not good enough. Currently, we are the only one solution on the market able to do that!

Trackers GPS

  • X5 GPS / GPRS Trackers,
  • Waterproof, 95gr,
  • Extended Autonomy: from 10 hours up to 30 hours depending on emission profile, and limitless with an USB connection,
  • New & Optimized Firmware permitting the live profile change,
  • Configurable Profile: sending one position per second to one position every 5 minutes,
  • LCD Screen indicating Sail or Bib Number and Competitors Name to facilitate the distribution,
  • Suitcases of reloading 12 or 42 Trackers, with only a 220 volts power cable.
  • Other possible tracking systems: satellite beacons for offshore, or HF beacons for TV.

GPS tracking XP5 - Waypoint - GeoRacing

Web Player for 2D Live & Replay

The GeoRacing Player allows following outdoor races on desktop screen, tablets or smartphones (IOS, Android). With a simple and intuitive ergonomics, this Player offers many functionalities:

  • Live Timing and Ranking: with gaps in time & distance,
  • Competitors information: nationality, sail number or bib, name, ranking, speed, heading,
  • Sailing or Rowing: marks, gates, laylines, gain line, traces, start line and finish,
  • Cycling or Rally: route, start, checkpoints, finish line…
  • Display Customization: traces, text size, speed, heading, ranking, automatically centring,
  • Choice between Map View and Satellite View,
  • Fullscreen mode for Large Screens.

2D player GeoRacing live and replay


Tablets & Mobiles Apps (IOS and Android)

Launching the “GeoRacing” App which propose all tracking (in Live or Replay). Each event can have his custom mobile app with event colours & partner logos:

  • Custom header and menu with logo,
  • Upcoming, Live and Replay races lists,
  • Integrated 2D Interactive Player and 3D stream when available.
AppStoreBadge Play Store Badge

Apps Streaming Live Sports

GPS Timing Functions

New: Georacing proposes the Timing of your event:

  • Timing and ranking at mark: time at intermediate point and time difference compared to the first,
  • Timing and ranking at finish line: total running time and time difference compared to the first,
  • Sheet race printable in PDF with summary table of ranking evolution, at each mark, for each competitor, and details of time at each mark,
  • Virtual Timing: up to 1/10th second in staggered start.

GPS Timing and ranking - sport event - Tour de France Voile 2013

3D Live & Replay Production for TV and WebTV / IPTV

Live 3D Visualization for Broadcast or Webcast Video Stream in Real Time.

  • Start Line.
  • Dynamic Graphics included: ranking in time, at mark, at gate, at arrival, ranking in distance…
  • Individual Information: speed, heading…
  • Traces, laylines, line of advantage, pictures, distance between two competitors…
  • Live or Replay, accelerated or slowed.
  • Accelerated 3D Summary.
  • Webcast Streaming Production, for Large Screens, Web Portal and Apps (IOS & Android).
  • Live Audio Comments.
  • Broadcast quality in HD-SDI with “Fill and Key”.

Live & Replay  3D streaming & broadcast - Virtual sport

Simplest Publishing Portal and Iframe

A dynamic and customizable portal to create your live and replay tracking website, is included in the offer. Or a dynamic iframe for the Live & Replay which can be integrated easily on your website. It’s an easy mean for each organiser to promote his event.


  • Home Page (with partners and sponsors),
  • Info Page (news feed during the event),
  • Races List Page (with links to 2D and 3D Live & Replay),
  • High Rate Stream Private Access for Event organiser, for their large screens.


  • Races List Iframe (with links to 2D and 3D Live & Replay),
  • Several configurable widths: 2, 3, 4 columns,
  • Two display modes: list or icons.

Portal & Iframe Georacing live & replay races - Star Sailor League 2013



The new 2014 Planner is the new events manager app:

  • Event management & administration,
  • Available on PC, Mac & Tablets,
  • Competitors and Trackers Assignment and Management,
  • Trackers Settings: Profile et Display,
  • Event Settings: Races, Courses, Start Time,
  • Courses Settings: Marks, Checkpoints,
  • Dashboard Control during Live Event.

Georacing : Event management & administration


Online Platform

GeoRacing offers an Innovative Web Platform for live GPS tracking, dedicated to Outdoor Sports:

  • Virtualized servers on a private cloud,
  • Open tracking platform to different systems:
    • Trackers X5 GPS / GPRS,
    • Trackers GPS / HF (Radio),
    • Trackers GPS / Satellite (Iridium),
  • Webcast / IPTV platform for Large Screens, Web & Apps.